Commission Information

Stormfire Studios builds full costumes, partial costumes, costume parts, costume/fursuit accessories, sandals, head driers. We also make repairs to costumes.

Commissions for full and partial suits, are requested via an application & name-listing on our queue-waiting list. We build suits in batches of 7 to 10 suits at a time. Currently we are booked up untill summer of 2011 for new commissions, but names of qualified commissions can be added to the waiting queue-list for later dates. Contact us through the contact page above, and we can email you the Commission Forms for you to fill out and email back to us for review on a price quote for your suit or costume. We can do a quick rough estimate with just a reference art pic and basic description, but for an exact price quote a review of the Commission Forms are required.

Once a Commission agreement is established after the forms & estimate are completed, a specified minimum non-refundable downpayment is required before the commission work is begun.

Commission Status:

*** Currently CLOSED for accepting any new full and partial commissions at this time, we are booked solid for all of the 2012 season. *** The Que-List is also closed for any new applicants at the time until we get caught up with current builds and groups.


Item Price Range (* Updated March,25,2011)
Full costumes and suits:From $2200 to 3200 *
Partial Costumes & suits:From $900 to 1500 *
Costume Heads only:From $500 to 1200 *
Tails:From $70 to 150
Hand Paws:From $80 to 175
Fursuit Feet:From $175 to 300
Head Balacalavas:$15
Head Drier Units:$45 ** Version 2.0 Now in stock ! (shipping cost is extra)
* depending on details, options, accessories, style, etc.
** when stock is availiable

Commission Forms

Click the link below to download a copy of the commission forms as a zip archive.

Commission Forms